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Why iamagamer, or how I contribute to sexism.


I was invited to write a guest piece for Corona Labs on, my latest initiative around game jams for social causes.  I believe that game jams give us a voice, a chance to do more than simply put your name on a list.  A chance to come together as a community around a shared cause and dedicate a weekend to building something we truly believe in.

Our first game jam will feature strong, female lead characters as the theme.

In my guest article I talk very candidly about why I need to do this jam.  On reflecting I found some very disturbing trends in my own thinking that I call out—it’s scary to share this, and perhaps you’ll think less of me, yet it’s the truth.  I can blame society, but regardless it’s what I need to work on.  

What I hope, however, is that maybe this gives you some courage to look deep inside.  Even when we think we are not a part of the problem, we may be unconsciously reinforcing biases and setting the wrong examples. 

Our brains naturally stereotype— they’re hardwired to do so.  It’s what we do in the face of those conclusions that matter.  One day we’ll hopefully have a world that is naturally more balanced, and our stereotypes will automatically re-calibrate.  

In the meantime, let’s all work together to make the world a better place.

Here’s the link to the article

You can sign up, or donate or sponsor my jam here

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